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WARNING: This section or article may contain spoilers!

Adam of Arcayne
Species Human (?)
Gender Male
Home Unknown
Relationships Unknown
Enemies Unknown
First Appearance Chapter 1
Last Appearance Chapter 1
Status Alive... Probably
"The trouble with dread creatures from another dimension is that they have no sense of what is appropriate."
— Adam of Arcayne

Adam of Arcayne is one of the primary plot NPCs of World Blue and is almost never seen by players. His role is to advance the storyline, and offer players information and advice at key points in the game. He quite often breaks the fourth wall [1] and it is strongly implied that he wanders between dimensions and time at will.


Adam of Arcayne is a mystery. He seems to know everything, but refuses to get involved except when it amuses him to do so. His attitude is at best distracted and at worst flippant, but he is more concerned about the events occurring in World Blue than he admits.

Despite his bumbling attitude he seems to be immeasurably powerful, as evidenced by the fact that he can wander through the Miasma without protection, and monsters will flee at the sight of him.


"The trouble with dread creatures from another dimension is that they have no sense of what is appropriate."

"The Miasma plays tricks with your mind. For example, it may make you think there's a large pink and yellow elephant standing to my left whereas it is, in fact, standing to my right."

"You're not an agent of chaos, are you? Oh no, wait, that was someone else."


  • Adam of Arcayne was created by one of Icewind's founders when he was ten years old and has been in every game he designed since then.
  • The quote "You're not an agent of chaos are you?" is a reference to an upcoming Icewind game called "Agents of Chaos", in which Adam appears as CEO of "Arcadyne Industries".

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